Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Who does not have Mental health problem in Iraq?" This should be the question...

Since the last month I am trying to collect information about the mental health situation in Iraq hoping that I will be able to find an adequate response and start doing something to assist in this regard. The idea was in my mind since while but it was always rejected with many obstacles the first was the lack of proper data on mental health. Now I think it’s the time for me to take a serious action on this and collect the data in one way or another.

However, while trying to collect information to justify the needs I faced one major problem; I don't know where to start from. When I write about mental health need and causes, I am writing about everything. What does not needs mental health services as a “need” in Iraq? In deed, it is impossible to justify there is NO need for mental health assistant rather than the other way around.
Iraqis normally have multi traumas instead of one. Who did not see a dead body in the street? who was not threatened, who was not mistreated by the military forces, who's house was not frisked by soldiers with horrible guns? who right was not violated, who did not lose a friend or a family member? Hearts became like stones, we continue our lives simply because we have no other options. Yes we are strong, strong human beings living under irresistible conditions. But we don't want this, we want to be normal human beings facing the normal daily life problems, problems that suits human being not mountains, problems that we can face.
Yes, the time has came to speak loudly and say; Iraq has serious gaps n mental health, Iraq needs help. We have battle taking place inside our brains, we have nightmares tracing us and destroying our only moments of rest, we have fears. We need help...we need help

N.B. Maybe the picture is not related to the topic...but I needed to feel the sun in front

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