Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alice in Wonderland "Iraq"

Iraq is like wonderland for the humanitarian workers who are like Alice. 

First Scene:

One of the International NGOs funded a project for Iraqi refugees in one of the neighboring countries of Iraq. This project was implemented through a local partner. The project was to support the vulnerable Iraqi refugees who are living in this neighborhood but also to include some of the vulnerable families from the neighborhood (hosting vulnerable families from the  same neighborhood) with several activities. Mentioning that the number of Iraqis refugees in this country is over 500 000 persons. However, the project started and the international NGO was receiving timely well written reports. and everybody was happy. One day they decided to visit the location to "monitor the impact of the project on the Iraqis in this neighborhood". The discovered two things, first the project is working well and many families are having the access to the services, second they found that there are no Iraqis in this neighborhood!


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